About Us

Born from our love of pickleball, we wanted to contribute to the evergrowing pickleball community. With over twenty years of experience in Action Sports and Technical Manufacturing, we saw a huge opportunity to develop the highest performing pickleball paddles out there. We’ve combined new technologies with a premium aesthetic, that gives our consumers exactly what they need, a paddle that looks as good as it plays.

Our design and product inspiration comes from our home in San Clemente, California. Our small beach community has embraced this fast-growing pickleball phenomenon, hosting a stop on the PPA tour as well as expanding the number of pickleball facilities, with many more on the way. San Clemente has plenty to boast about. An amazing community, world class surf and now home to BERK Pickleball. 

We are an all hands in, family business. Every member of our families have contributed to turning this dream into a reality. We’ve all collaborated in design, social media, shipping, and operations. Even our young children have helped extensively in durability testing.

We look forward to you joining the BERK family!