Berk Athlete holding The Calafia paddle in the backhand position standing infront of the pickleball net. The Calafia has the Berk logo in yellow with some splattered paint on the opposite side. The rest of the paddle is black. Designed for Power.
Two players tapping paddles in the middle of the picture. Just their arms show in the image. One player wears a diver watch. The paddle shown is The Point model in black camo. The paddle has a white Berk logo over a black and grey camo. Consitent feel
Berk Athlete at the net hitting a backhand dink from inside the kitchen. Player is using The Point pickleball paddle. The Point paddle has a poly hex core for a soft and controlled play. Paddle is in the black camo colorway.

Blending Style and Performance with a Technological Advantage

Designed and manufactured with the highest grade materials and unmatched precision

Berk pickleball logo with two horizontal white stripes on each side of it. This logo is on the current Point paddle in black camo. The point is a premium pickleball paddle with a poly honeycomb core and graphite face for increased spin.